Condensation in Windows

Condensation Inside Your Double Glazing Window?

We’ve all seen them, a double glazed window which has condensation inside. The window starts to steam up, become foggy, misty and in some cases start to stain. The unfortunate reality is that a double glazed unit has a lifespan, anywhere between 10 to 20 years. This issue can be defined in many different ways; misted windows, blown windows, blown double glazing, failed double glazing, failed windows but they are all referring to the same problem…

Condensation refers to the formation of water droplets within the two panes of your double glazing window. This leads to this condensation drying in warmer weather and creating that unsightly misted effect. Essentially, misting and condensation are caused by a break in the double-glazing seal in the window, this lets moisture into the insulation section of your window thus reducing the qualities of double-glazing unit.

Obviously, double glazed units are sold as a sealed unit and when they were installed in your property they would have been sealed. Over time, however, the rubber seal that keeps water from seeping into the insulating gap breaks down and minute holes begin to develop.

Often, there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid faults from occurring but if you want to maintain the benefits that your double glazing provides, you will need to get any faults that develop repaired as soon as possible.

When your double glazing starts to get condensation inside, resulting in a misted and blurred look and ruining your clean aesthetic, not many people know where to turn.

Condensation In Windows: The Solution

Condensation inside of the window is the most common request when it comes to double glazing repairs. Whether it’s yours, your friends or your family members, you are pretty much guaranteed to come across a failed double-glazing unit in your life time.

In the United Kingdom there is roughly 20 million homes and on average there 8 windows on each house, therefore there are 160 million windows in the UK which will all fail on average every 15 years.

Considering this is such a widespread issue there has been very little innovation for this problem, we have only seen slow yet incremental steps.

In the beginning there was only one way to remove the condensation which would be to replace the whole window unit, these were the infamous days of the double glazing salesmen pulling the wool over your eyes to make a quick profit.

The next development within the industry was the ability to replace the glass panes themselves as opposed to replacing the whole window frame.

Condensation in Windows: Innovation

We now we find ourselves in the 21st century. Crystal Clear Window Works has been in operation since 2009 and we have taken the biggest leap forward in innovation, bringing a new age solution to this old age problem.

Condensation in Windows

We repair the window instead of replacing it. Our patented technology and simple 4 step process allows us to tackle the problem head on; removing condensation from the inside of your window.

And the innovation has not stopped there. As our process does not require providing you with any new glass, we do not need exact window measurements from you.

We operate on a “3 size fits all” model meaning we can give you a fixed price, up front, dependent on whether you have a small, medium or large window.

With this being the nature of our business, we are able to repair your failed double glazing unit in a single visit, inside or outside of your property, 95% of the time.

Crystal Clear Window Works are the innovators in this space both in terms of our unique repair techniques and hassle-free instant quotation process. We have repaired over 100,000 windows this way and we are just getting started.

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