The Process

DGU Seal Failure

When seals fail in glazing, condensation and moisture forms between the two panes of glass causing
loss of vision and inconvenience to home and property occupiers.

Our proven process quickly removes condensation from double glazing restoring its clarity,
insulation value (R value)  and also protects it against permanent damage.

Developed by our supply partner, our products, solutions and operational techniques have been
designed to work together to create a permanent fix for the effects of seal failure in DGU’s.

Step 1

Access by the glass cavity by creating two 4mm incisions in the top and bottom opposing corners of the double glazed unit.

Step 2

We inject specialist solutions to wash the inside face of the window and then we cover the surface of the internal glass with our unique anti fog polymer.

Step 3

We run our translucent sealing gel along the bottom edge of the Double Glazed Unit to stop condensation reoccurring.

Step 4

We fit our de-fogging vents to allow the window to breath and aid thermal recovery.

What our customers say

Don’t replace your double glazed units
Repair Them!