As the UK’s number one in removing condensation in windows, we get asked a lot of questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions we get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Typically our process saves you 50% against replacement costs and in all instances comes with a 10 Year warranty.
On average double glazing companies charge around £150 per square meter for replacement units. The company sends a surveyor out to measure up for a new unit, provides you with a quote and if you decide to accept it, takes payment. A few weeks later the company sends out a fitter to replace the failed unit, tipping the old one into a skip or landfill. The company would usually offer you a 5 Year guarantee.

Our process is not only cheaper but much more convenient for you. You receive your fixed price quotation either ‘on line’ or by phoning our customer contact centre on 08459011456. Once accepted we send a technician to your property at an agreed time and date and complete the work there and then. Most misted units are repaired in less than 20 Minutes, without removing them from their frames and with no waste glass created.

We have been successfully restoring double glazed units since 2009. Its all we do. Since 2009 we have repaired over 100,000 failed or misted units. Last year we repaired just over 20,000 windows nationally and this number continues to grow each year as we expand our service. Our customers vary from private homeowners, letting agents to large property companies such as Sanctuary Housing the largest housing landlord in the UK and for whom we have been successfully de-misting double glazed units since 2015.

Yes it is. We ask that you size your windows into SMALL (for comparison ‘up to half the size an internal door’) MEDIUM (for comparison ‘half to a full internal door size ’) LARGE (for comparison one full to two full internal doors size). If you have actual measurements please use our SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE size calculator. But don’t worry if not, just simply size your windows as compared to an internal door, get your quote and accept it if you are happy. The more windows you have the cheaper your price will be, so please take advantage of this.

No it does not. The chemicals work in conjunction with the valves we install.

Yes you can. Please call our customer services team on 08459011456 and they will give you a fixed proceed quotation over the phone. Our customer services team use our website quoting engine to provide quotes so please have your windows sized into SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE.

Payments are taken on completion of the work, either by cash, cheque , debit or credit card.

Unfortunately not, but please contact us and we can discuss your specific requirements.

Typically most double glazed units clear perfectly within a few weeks and all should clear within 6 weeks. This ‘drying time’, as we call it, can vary depending upon the weather and also how the window faces the elements.

Yes, our process will dry the window and remove early stage staining.

No, window cleaning will not affect our process. Our de-fogging valves are securely fixed and can only be revolved if a purposeful and determined effort is made.

No, Single glazed windows do not need venting like this. The condensation on these windows forms because the humidity in the house is too high relative to the temperature of the glass.

Yes it does

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