Energy Crisis and The Double Glazing Industry

The Energy Crisis and How it Impacts the Double Glazing Industry

The last 24 months have been turbulent to say the least. Households and industries have felt the effects of the pandemic as well as being met with unfavourable political, geographical and supply chain events.

One of the key conversational points at the beginning of 2022 is the UK’s Energy Crisis. 

What Is The Energy Crisis?

An Energy Crisis is any significant bottleneck in the supply of energy resources to an economy.

In August 2021 due to global energy shortages, UK Energy Companies saw an increase in wholesale energy costs from their suppliers in Europe. Due to the Energy Price Cap we have in the UK, it meant that UK Energy Companies were unable to pass this increase in cost along to the end consumer which saw 11 Energy Companies go bust in 2021.

Energy Crisis and Glass Manufacturers

For manufacturers, including those in the window glazing industry, these higher prices are going to cause significant financial stress.  

At the start of the pandemic and when prices were stable and much lower, the idea of energy prices rising more than four-fold would not have been budgeted for.

This price rise comes at a time when all other costs for businesses are also rising. Increased energy prices simply adds more fuel to the fire.

What This Means to the Double Glazing industry?

It is inevitable that increased costs from manufacturers are going to be passed down the chain to window fabricators and installers and then to homeowners.

Over the past year or so we have seen the price of steel, PVC resin, hardware, glass and transport all contribute to higher costs for window manufacturers, fabricators and then to installers. These increases have been, on average, upwards of 30%.

In addition to this, glazing installers have had to deal with rising labour costs to keep hold of their existing fitters and also try and attract new ones to meet business demand.

Higher energy costs will inevitably be felt down the supply chain and as a homeowner this must be taken into consideration for any home improvements you wish to complete.

Failed Double Glazed units

On average a Double Glazed Unit will incur seal failure at 10 to 15 years, and this will cause condensation to occur between the two panes of glass. To learn more about lifespans of Double Glazing and reasons for failure please read here.

So as you read this blog post there may likely be a failed Double Glazed unit on your property.

To deal with seal failure in Double Glazing Units, there are two options; REPLACE or REPAIR the Unit.

REPLACING the failed Double Glazed Unit is where an installer will come to your home, measure the unit and order a new one. Once the unit is made, they will return to your home, take out the failed Unit and replace it.

Replacing Double Glazed Units is both disruptive to the home owner and environmentally damaging. 1000’s of tonnes of waste glass is sent to landfill sites every year and adding to our already waste heavy country.

Glass waste going to landfill

The Energy Crisis, as explained above, has also brought about two issues effecting this replacement method.

1. Cost of glass.

The cost of glass has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Glass Manufacturers are now passing on these increases to Double Glazed Unit fabricators ranging from 15% to 20%.

2. Cost of Labour.

The pandemic and indeed the impact of Brexit has caused significant labour shortages in the UK and this labour supply issue has resulted in increased competition and high inflation in wages.

Replacing Double Glazed Units is labour intensive with two home visits and many touch points in the window fabrication process.  

It is inevitable that the rising costs associated with replacing Double Glazed Units will be passed onto customers.

In 2022 the average cost of replacing a Double Glazed Unit has risen from £80 to over £120 – a rise of 50%.

There is an alternative. There is a way to avoid increased cost and there is a way to reduce harm to the environment. 

REPAIRING Double Glazed Units is a modern, low cost and environmentally friendly way to remove condensation from between the panes of existing windows.

Crystal Clear Window Works is the UK’s leading failed Double Glazing repair company. Our unique repair method allows us to bring failed Double-Glazed Unit ‘back to life’, removing condensation from between the panes and restoring thermal performance.

And we do all of this without the removing the Unit from its frame.  

It is time to move away from traditional methods of replacing Double Glazed Units. Our method is protected against the impacts of glass and labour cost increases.

Our method is:

  • Low cost, saving customers up to 50% against replacement.
  • Environmentally friendly saving 1000’s of tonnes of glass waste going to landfill every year.
  • Efficient with only one visit required to the home.
  • Convenient with window units repaired without removing them from the frame.
  • Warranted with a no quibble 10-year guarantee.

We have been successfully repairing failed Double-Glazed Units since 2009 with over 100,000 units repaired to date.

Please head over to the quoting engine on our website to receive a free, no obligation online quote.