How Your Window’s Location Contributes To Seal Failure

Double Glazing failure, it’s annoying.

One day you can see clearly with no issues, the next day you are looking at condensation painfully trapped on the inside of the glass that you will never be able to wipe away.

We have written at length in our other blog posts on the reasons why windows fail and why condensation is now appearing on the inside of your window.

Seeing condensation on the inside of your window means that the window has failed and reached the end of its lifespan and we know that an average double glazed unit has a lifespan of anywhere between 20 and 35 years.

But with anything, a lifespan or in this case, the rate at which the double glazed unit is failing is subject to different circumstances and variables.

Variables that could explain the reason why you are seeing your window or windows fail “early” or faster than average.

One key reason why a double glazing unit fails is due to Solar Pumping. Solar Pumping is the process where the air within the cavity of your window heats and cools as seasons change. In the summer, as the air on the inside of your window heats up it applies outwards pressure on the glass panes and in the winter the opposite happens.

This expansion and contraction process happens over years and causes the seal of the window to weaken and eventually crack or pierce and this is the point where your window fails and condensation sneaks it way in.

Property Location

One variable contributing to increased Solar Pumping, is the location of your property.

Now when we say location, we don’t mean that because you live in Brighton your window is going to fail quicker than someone who lives in Newcastle.

What we do mean is that if your house is in a location that has more sunlight than others, this means that your windows are being exposed to longer periods of direct sunlight and this is a key variable that will impact the lifespan of your double glazed window.

Window Location on your property

Another variable is the location of the window on your property.

So taking what we know from Solar Pumping and also the impact that your house position has on the amount direct sunlight your windows experience – then the location of your window on your property is equally as important.

Lets say you’ve just invested in brand new double glazing for your whole house, with Solar Pumping being the cause of the window failure, it is of high probability that the south facing windows shall fail first.

This is because, naturally, the south facing windows on your property shall experience the most time in direct sunlight. In addition to this, if you have windows on your first floor, second floor or above they are at even higher risk due to them being higher on your property and will more likely have less obstructions between them and the sun.

How to fix the problem

Due to the lifespan of a double glazing unit, you will most likely come across a failed unit on your property at some point.

Whether you are wanting to restore the clarity of your window for aesthetic purposes or complete the work to increase the value of your property before you put it on the market, many people still don’t know where to turn to get this type of work done.

At Crystal Clear Window Works we tackle this issue head on. We repair instead of replacing the failed unit.

Our unique process and techniques allow us to flush out the condensation and then coat the inside of your window to ensure condensation does not settle on the glass again.

Due to us not providing you with any new glass for your property we are 50% cheaper compared to replacement methods.

Repair, don’t replace!